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Those who are very much comfortable with R and try to learn python, first question come to their mind is which IDE is the best for python. As in R, R-studio is one and only giant in the market and which gives every possible option to explore (exceptfewdrawbacks), we want one best IDE which can be used for python. But because Python’s presence in different market for different reason, it has many IDE unlike R.

Most popular are

  1. Spyder (comes with Anaconda).
  2. PyCharm
  3. Komodo
  4. PyDev(comes with Eclipse)


And Rodeo (if you are a R programmer and you need the R-studio feel)

Even you can write python code Notepad++, although debugging may not be that user-friendly.

Spyder is the most famous one which comes with Anaconda package (free). But problem is Spyder works with one python version, means if you have installed spyder for python >3.6 and you want to use it for python 2.7, you need to download corresponding anaconda for python 2.7 as internally it uses Ipython console to run python commands.

Anaconda package can be downloaded free from this link: (Please check desired python version before downloading)

Coming to where we have started, if you are an R Programmer, and you need an IDE like R-studio for python, you can go for Rodeo.  After open Rodeo, you can easily identify it has lot of similarities with R-studio. Same kind of code writing, syntax suggestion, variable exploration etc.

But as when we are writing this article, we could identify Rodeo has one drawback in comparison with Spyder or R-studio. It doesn’t show any busy state when any command is running, it is little difficult to find out if system is busy with executing the command or it just hanged.

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